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650 S. Ortonville Rd.

Ortonville, MI  48462


Fundraisers at MacPhee's




Are you a local, non-profit organization looking to raise money?  If so than look no further then MacPhee's Restaurant & Pub. 


How they work: Pick a date, bring people in for your fundraiser, and get a check back for 20% of what they spend during your fundraiser.


We hold Fundraisers Sunday - Thursday from 5pm-9pm.  You pick a date that fits within these times and we then custom make you a flyer for your date.  We suggest that you do the following to promote your fundrasier:



Pass out at least 500 flyers for your event

Use Social Media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus promote your event.

Email event information to all contacts of the organization.


These are just a few of the things that we suggest.  Upon picking up your custom flyer for your event we will also give you a suggestions sheet on ways to make your event a success. 


*The success of your fundraiser depends on you and your organization.  You must pass out flyers prior to the event.  You may not pass flyers out at MacPhee's during the event.